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With tailored test preparation courses, develop the vocabulary and reading skills to ace your SATs with Capstone in Hong Kong.
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Test Preparation


Capstone offers a variety of test prep services to ensure students in Hong Kong are well-prepared for various secondary and boarding school entrance exams. In addition to offering SSAT, Digital SAT, and ACT courses, Capstone also offers test prep services for AP and IB exams. For more information, please contact us.

Capstone understands that to succeed, students need to be given the right resources. As such, Capstone offers complementary diagnostic exams for students to gauge their performance and to tailor our resources for their success in the best way possible. For more information or to schedule a diagnostic exam, please contact us.

Don't see a specific test or topic? Contact us for information on other offerings and private sessions.


Early Test Prep

  • G7 – G9

Early Test Prep is ideal for students seeking to guarantee long-term mastery of various secondary and boarding/preparatory school entrance exams. The preparation course is designed to reinforce vocabulary acquisition and the relevant reading skills and strategies. These skills are necessary to achieve a higher score on the reading and vocabulary sections of numerous standardized entrance exams outside of Hong Kong, including the SSAT, SAT, and ACT. Capstone’s Early Test Prep course utilizes custom-edited passages, vocabulary lists, and quizzes to ensure that students are learning at the right level and are achieving constant progress in their learning.

SSAT Bootcamp

  • G7 – G9

Capstone’s SSAT Bootcamp will equip students with the fundamental skills and test-taking strategies needed to take the Upper-Level SSAT. In this test preparation course, students will learn the vocabulary, reading, and mathematics topics tested on the SSAT. As the SSAT is known for difficult vocabulary questions and wrong answer penalties, students will also learn how to answer test questions in a structured and educated way, practicing the application of these techniques during in-class drills and homework assignments. Upon completion of the course, students can approach test day with a sense of assurance, knowing that they are equipped with a clear understanding of what to anticipate while possessing the knowledge and skills to express their answers.

ACT / Digital SAT Bootcamp

  • G9 – 11

For students looking to venture outside Hong Kong for their tertiary education, this course will equip students with the fundamental skills and test-taking strategies needed to tackle the two most important standardized tests for US university admissions: the ACT and Digital SAT. In the first half of the course, students will cover the grammar, reading, and math concepts tested on both the ACT and Digital SAT and learn the similarities and differences between the tests. In the second half of the course, students will be split into two streams based on their test preference (ACT or Digital SAT) and learn topics and strategies specific to the test of their choice. Students can also opt for drop-in homework sessions with our guidance for additional personalized attention and feedback. Classes will be taught with Capstone’s own ACT + Digital SAT textbook as well as official ACT / Digital SAT practice tests (materials included in course fee). By the end of the course, students will be able to walk in on test day with confidence, knowing exactly what to expect and how to perform to the best of their abilities.

Additional Services Offered by Capstone

Admission Consulting

Alongside our SAT preparation courses, our team of experienced professionals has assisted numerous students in gaining admission to prestigious UK and US boarding schools and universities. Through customized packages and comprehensive support, we have a track record of success, providing personalized guidance at every step of the application process. Explore our range of admission consulting in Hong Kong.

Public Speaking and Debating

Through the expertise of our team and a specialized curriculum, students will cultivate essential abilities like critical thinking, effective communication, and organized public speaking. Discover why students are opting for our public speaking courses in HK.

Critical Thinking Program

Discover how our critical thinking program can enhance a student’s ability to express their thoughts effectively, actively participate in meaningful conversations, and present themselves with self-assurance and clarity. Learn more about our critical thinking program.

Academic Enrichment Program

Our academic enrichment program is dedicated to helping students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication skills, preparing them for the future. Find out more about our academic enrichment program.

Academic Enrichment Writing Program

Capstone prepares students to become adept communicators by developing their abilities to argue, research,  and present their ideas. Learn why students choose our academic writing courses in Hong Kong.

For questions and inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.