Capstone Prep Education Center | Refer a Friend Program for 2023-2024
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Refer a Friend Program for 2023-2024

Refer a Friend Program
2023-2024 Academic Enrichment Program

Our Refer Friend Program is now available for our ongoing Academic Enrichment Program. For every friend you refer to our ongoing Academic Enrichment Program, you and your friend will each receive $200 off* your tuition fees. *Terms and Conditions apply.

  • Referrer rewards: Existing Capstone students will receive $200 off their next month’s tuition for every referee who has successfully enrolled in an ongoing course from our Academic Enrichment Program. If you would like to refer your friend(s) to our program or have already made referrals, please click HERE to register your friend as your new referee for Capstone courses.
  • Referee rewards: New students will receive $200 off their first tuition invoice upon successful enrollment in an ongoing course from our Academic Enrichment Program. Referee students should be NEW students to Capstone, and should not have attended any course at Capstone before. Referred by a friend? Click HERE

Terms and Conditions:

1. The Refer Friend Program Promotion Period is valid from July 2023 to July 2024.

2. The referrer must be an existing Capstone student who is currently enrolled in an ongoing Capstone course, or who recently joined 2023 Summer Intensive Program and wishes to continue to enroll in our 2023-2024 Academic Enrichment Program.  

3. The referee must be directly referred by the referrer, and the discount is applied upon successful enrollment in a course. 

4. The referrer must provide each referee’s relevant information through the link provided during the Promotion Period in order to receive the referrer rewards.

5. Each referee can only be referred ONCE during the entire Promotion Period. With reference to duplicate records, a) if there are duplicate referee records provided by the same referrer, only the first entry with complete information will be used; b) if the same referee is referred by more than one referrer,  only the referrer who the referee has submitted in the record will be eligible.

6. The referee rewards will be deducted from the referee’s first tuition invoice upon initial enrollment.

7. The referrer rewards will be credited to the month after the corresponding referee’s enrolled month (i.e. If the referee’s will start the course in September, his/her referrer will received the credit on or after October).

8. Because our monthly invoicing is automated, the referrer rewards will not be automatically updated on the invoice sent by the system. You may contact us to apply the credits, and we will resend the invoice to you accordingly.

9. This Program is only applicable to Capstone Hong Kong branch.

10. Capstone reserves the right to amend relevant terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

11. All matters and disputes are subject to the final decision of Capstone.