Capstone Prep Education Center | Public Speaking and Debate
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Public Speaking and Debate


Capstone’s debate coaches include current and former head national debate team coaches for Canada, Korea and Malaysia (World Schools teams) while many of our current debate students and alumni (20+) currently are representing, or have represented, national teams across Asia as well as leading university debate teams in World Schools, British Parliamentary. In Hong Kong, no other program has produced more national team debaters than Capstone.

To put it simply, Capstone is unrivalled in its ability to take students from absolute beginner level to the highest levels of debate.

Partnerships and opportunities with the world’s most esteemed debating unions.

To both support our students’ training and the growth of debate, Capstone has worked with numerous leading debate unions since 2015 to the present. We are proud to have formally partnered with the Cambridge Union, Harvard College Debating Union and the Oxford Union to create elite-level debating tournaments for students in Asia and worldwide over the past few years including the renown Asian Schools British Parliamentary Championships (“ABC”) which was most recently (in 2021 edition) the selections tournament for Asia representatives to Oxford Union Schools Debate’s Finals Day held at Oxford.



4 Areas of Development

Lesson Structure


Extensive Training and Competition
Members of the team will train, travel and compete together as a team. During training, team members will meet with Capstone and external subject and debate experts to improve their knowledge of relevant issues and debate technique. They will also practice against other top debate teams from schools and clubs around the world. As for tournaments, team members will have the opportunity to attend the largest and most prestigious debate tournaments throughout Asia and the world as part of the Capstone team.

University Admissions Support
A top debating resume paired with strong grades usually lead to the very best universities. The debate team members will get access to Capstone’s admissions consultants who will the students a strategic plan as to how to craft their profile, activities, and courses in anticipation of applying to elite universities.


Varsity Team

At the highest level of our debating program is the debate team. The only higher step is representing the national debate team which a number of our team members have been invited to join. Admission into the team is done through a combination of an ongoing ladder within all centers, internal and external competitions and team trials. With hundreds of strong debaters across our different offices, our team represents one of the strongest collection of young debaters throughout Asia.

Advanced Level

• Regional and international tournament opportunities for further exposure
• Issues in Depth: Philosophy, Geopolitics, and Economics
• Debate Framing and Emotional Resonance
• Mastery of the various debating speaker positions and role functions

Intermediate Level

• Local tournament opportunities for initial exposure to competitions
• Strategic responses and intermediate argumentative analysis
• Basics of evidence research and prepared topic casebuilding
• Format introduction to British Parliamentary debating

Introductory Level

• Interview to determine relevant debating student’s strengths and weaknesses
• Foundations of logical reasoning and forming arguments and rebuttals
• Basics of public speaking and stage presence
• Format introductions to World Schools and Public Forum debating


Capstone Debaters achieve globally at the world’s most prestigious tournaments.

World Level
• World Schools Debating Championship
• World Individuals Public Speaking and Debating Championship

Intervarsity Level
• Harvard World Schools Invitational
• Oxford Schools Debating Competition
• Cambridge Schools Debating Competition
• Yale’s World Scholars Cup

Regional Level
• Asian Schools BP Championship

#1 Debater in Hong Kong / Greater China History

In the 2016 World Schools Debate Championships (WSDC), Capstone’s Competitive Debating alumni representing Team Hong Kong ranked #2 and #4 in the world. They are also the first and third highest ranked speakers in Hong Kong’s school debating history.

Champions and Finalists Everywhere

Capstone students rank at the top of nearly every academic competition across Asia. Whether in writing, public speaking, debate, mock trial, Model United Nation (MUN), or other pursuits, our students consistently excel.

For questions and inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.