Capstone Prep Education Center | Tamkeen
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Tamkeen is a recent graduate of the University of Cambridge, where she studied Human, Social and Political Sciences (Class of 2022). During her time at Cambridge, Tamkeen served as Head of Debating at the Cambridge Union, the oldest and most prestigious debating society in the world; she was also Editor-in-Chief for the Cambridge Journal of Political Affairs. As a competitive debater, Tamkeen has represented her school, university, and country at the highest levels of debate, including the World Schools Debating Championships and the World Universities Debating Championships, where she was the Grand Finals Chair, and on the Grand Finals panel of adjudicators respectively. She is one of the most decorated adjudicators in the world, having also served as the Grand Finals Chair for Asia’s biggest debating competition. Tamkeen believes strongly in the power of education technology, and believes that it serves as a unique opportunity to develop and evolve our ability to teach the skills of critical thinking and persuasion, with competitive debate serving as the driving mechanism.