Capstone Prep Education Center | Ronald
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Ronald is the founder of Capstone, Ronald has a BBA (Hons), Masters in Engineering (MIT), and an MBA (University of Chicago). He has extensive experience coaching students of all ages, and is involved primarily with SAT tutoring, university admissions consulting, and debate training. Over the last few years, many of his SAT students have achieved high scores of 2200 and above and gained university admissions into top universities including Harvard, Princeton and MIT. His debate students have won numerous public speaking competitions and represent many of Hong Kong’s top school debate teams. In Hong Kong, he is well regarded among students and parents from top schools for his reputation in training students to achieve their best. Before starting Capstone, he was awarded teaching awards from MIT where he achieved near perfect ratings (as voted by students) in teaching quality while teaching Entrepreneurship and SAT courses to hundreds of Massachusetts-area high school students in MIT’s famed ESP program.