Capstone Prep Education | Jennifer
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Jennifer graduated from the University of Toronto with a double major in English Literature and Sociology.  As a qualified teacher with a TESOL certification in primary learning and courses taken in child development, Jennifer brings over 10 years of teaching experience both in the school system and in enrichment learning centers. She has also been involved in workshop facilitation, presenting at numerous ESL workshops in Asia on various topics pertaining to the educational landscape. Additionally, Jennifer has a heart for assisting the underprivileged, leading and designing numerous language programs for charitable organisations and NGO’s in her free time. As an avid reader and writer herself, Jennifer has extensive teaching expertise in and a passion for writing instruction. Having previously worked with gifted and high achieving learners, Jennifer views her role as a teacher as one who nurtures the talents and potential of each child by setting high expectations through a growth mindset approach. At Capstone, Jennifer is excited to continue working with advanced students and inspiring them to reach beyond their potential.