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Our Results

OUR 2016-2017 RESULTS

Continuing from last year’s success, Capstone is thrilled to announce our college admissions results for 2016-2017! Over 80% of our students who applied to Top 15 US institutions received offers to schools including Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, and University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, 100% of our students who applied to Top 5 UK Universities received at least one offer from schools including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and London School of Economics and Political Science. Congratulations to all our students and thank you for all your hard work throughout this process!


For a PDF copy of our results, please click here.


(Offers updated as of May 12, 2017)

US National Universities

Stanford University 3
Columbia University 2
University of Chicago 3
University of Pennsylvania 4
Duke University 2
Johns Hopkins University (BME) 1
Dartmouth College 2
Northwestern University 2
Brown University 5
Cornell University 2
Washington University in St. Louis 1
Georgetown University (including SFS) 2
University of California – Berkeley 6
Emory University 2
University of Southern California 1
University of California – Los Angeles 7
Carnegie Mellon University 3
University of Michigan 3
Tufts University 2
Georgia Institute of Technology 1
New York University 3
Case Western Reserve University 1
University of California – Santa Barbara 2
Northeastern University 3
University of California – Irvine 2
University of California – Davis 4
University of California – San Diego 8
University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign 1
University of Wisconsin – Madison 1
Pennsylvania State University 1
Fordham University 2
Purdue University 1
Rutgers University 1
University of Massachusetts – Amherst 1
American University 1
Binghamton University – SUNY 2
Indiana University – Bloomington 1
Stony Brook University – SUNY 2
University at Buffalo – SUNY 2
University of San Francisco 1
Loyola Marymount University 1

US Liberal Arts Colleges

Swarthmore College 1
Claremont McKenna College 1
Harvey Mudd College 1
Colgate University 1
Reed College 1
Yale-NUS 1

UK National Universities

University of Oxford 1
University of Cambridge 2
Imperial College London 1
London School of Economics and Political Science 3
University College London 3
King’s College London (including Law) 5
University of Durham 4
University of Manchester 1
University of St. Andrews 1
University of Warwick 1
Top 15 US University Offers0%
Top 5 UK University Offers0%

For questions and inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.