Capstone Prep Education Center | Our Mission
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Our Mission


Providing a foundation in critical thinking and problem solving

The driving force behind Capstone is its students. Founded on the belief that talented students thrive on a robust education that nurtures individual strengths, Capstone has been the critical thinking and leadership pioneer in Hong Kong and Asia for over a decade.

From the beginning, Capstone recognized the need to mentally prepare students for not only an increasingly competitive academic environment, but an increasingly competitive world. Simply finding answers and memorizing information are no longer enough in an international landscape that prizes growth, flexibility, and innovation. We saw that our students needed to be able to ask questions and solve problems. We saw that our students needed to be able to analyze, defend, and present their ideas with confidence, poise, and grace. We saw that our students needed to find solutions – not just the kind that would get them a perfect SAT score, but the kind that would cultivate their professional growth as they pursue new possibilities for their future. Our students learn to make new strides, not follow in the footsteps of others.

As a testament to our belief and to our education, nearly every student from Capstone’s first academic year in 2003 and 2004 now attends, or has graduated from, a top world university and many of them (and the graduates since) still visit or stay in contact with us. Capstone students are continuing to be admitted into top US and UK universities including the Ivy League and Oxbridge, and push their own limits to achieve more.


Hong Kong

Capstone recognizes that students across different grades have different educational needs. As such, the Primary Section and Secondary Section offices offer a range of grade-appropriate services to maximize student growth.


Capstone Beijing focuses on teaching students the skills they need to succeed in a rigorous academic environment. Offering services for students in grade five and on, Capstone Beijing emphasizes a long-term approach to foster critical thinking and English communication skills.


Opened in 2017, Capstone extended its services in Shanghai to develop students’ debating, writing and advanced English skills in Mainland China to match the short-term and long-term needs of school and society.


Offerings across the education spectrum.

Academic Enrichment

Capstone offers a wide array of enrichment courses to cultivate critical thinking, public speaking, writing, and debating. In addition to courses, Capstone also offers private tutorial sessions to cultivate key skills.

Academic Enrichment Courses
Admissions Consulting

Capstone's team of admissions consultants specialize in admissions to US and UK boarding schools and universities. By offering personalize advise and attention to each client, Capstone ensures a quality consulting experience to maximize admissions results.

Admissions Consulting Information
Test Prep

With small classes designed to target specific skills and address weaknesses, Capstone's test prep services are customized for each individual student to maximize results. With offerings for SSAT, SAT, ACT, IB, AP, and more, Capstone builds students for admissions success.

Test Prep Offerings


The story of Capstone is one characterized by student achievement.  We have accumulated this history of success by focusing on the factors that contribute to the development of truly exceptional students.  If you envision a future  of academic and professional acclaim for your child, you can join countless other parents in Hong Kong who have trusted Capstone to foster their children’s success.

We go beyond the fundamentals of critical thinking by teaching more advanced logical reasoning via the Socratic method.  In class, students argue their opinions, lead discussions, and present with persuasive argumentation.  Additionally, students become confident writers, able to express their ideas eloquently in any genre. Students take these skills to become leaders in their school classrooms, board rooms, and beyond.  Our debating students use their rhetorical skills to compete among the best debaters in Hong Kong and go on to win regional and international championships.

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For questions and inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.