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Capstone Math Program

(FALL 2019)

We are excited to announce the launch of the Capstone Math program in late-September. The program was developed in Capstone and based on the Massachusetts (US) Common Core standards and progression (the state with the highest performing math scores in the U.S.) complemented with Capstone’s presentation and flexible application requirements. In our math courses, students will not only learn to solve problems using different approaches, but they must also learn to present their ideas and solutions clearly, which will immediately elevate their participation and performance in school.
We are first launching the Standard track with Advanced (competition and college credit) and Gifted (1-on-1 research) tracks starting after this term. In the Standard program, the courses are separated by 9 different topic levels (listed below) with the content covering up to the level offered by most schools with strong math programs. The Capstone Program allows students to supplement their school math studies or learn topics in advance. As they progress, students can choose to (1) move to the next school-level topic, (2) join math competition training, or (3) take the next step toward gaining college credit.  

The duration of each lesson is 1.5 hours, once per week. The program is suitable for students starting from Grade 3 (and some very advanced Grade 2’s) until Grade 9. Because students are grouped by math ability rather than age, all students are required to take a FREE math assessment. Homework is assigned weekly and completed online with tracking software so that teachers, students, and parents can see progress and trouble areas.
For more information or to book an assessment, please contact us. We would be most happy to assist you.