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Please fill in the details and click “Submit”. You will be redirected to the secure payment environment of the PayPal website.

Has PayPal account? You can simply login to your Paypal account and authorise the payment for the transaction. As soon as you have authorised the payment, Capstone will be notified and a receipt from Paypal will be sent to your email. Capstone will also send a receipt for the tuition paid once your payment has been verified on our account.

How to pay without a Paypal account? If you do not have a PayPal account and would like to make the payment for your child’s tuition with your credit card, you can choose PayPal’s guest checkout option. If you have been directed to the Paypal login website, simply click the bottom link Pay with Card. You will now be directed to PayPal’s guest checkout page, where you can fill in your credit card details and make the payment without having a PayPal account.

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Do you need the receipt to be sent to your email?

Online Payment will be made via Paypal.
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Note: You can pay with credit card if you do not have an account in Paypal. Click "Pay with Card" if you are directed to the Paypal login page.