Capstone Prep Education Center | G5 – G6
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G5 – G6


Capstone’s G5 – G6 services develop critical thinking, craft, and confidence. Students engage with methods to create organized, compelling arguments. Students learn widely-applicable skills that will challenge them to engage with more mature argumentation and analyses.


Academic Writing

Academic Writing is designed with the goal of preparing students for writing commonly found at schools: narrative, informative, and persuasive. Students learn widely applicable writing skills through reading and evaluating texts, teacher instruction, and regular feedback on assignments. Classes engage in a wide variety of topics that challenge students to experiment with advanced writing techniques such as perspective, voice, and figurative language.

Critical English Skills

Critical English Skills (CES) teaches students the fundamentals of communication and analysis that are essential in their own challenging school curricula. This course aims to improve students’ grammar and fluency while introducing them to a range of cognitive and analytical comprehension skills. Modular lessons in an English-only environment reinforces a strong understanding of English conventions. Students’ fundamental English reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking abilities will improve through systematic approaches to structure, grammar, conversation, and writing.


Scholars is, ultimately, a class about information processing. Building on the foundations that students have established in Logic, Analysis, & Speech, students will embark on the next step in developing their critical reading, critical thinking, and speaking abilities. Students will analyze complex articles and reports while developing their own opinions about various real-world issues. Students will engage in specially developed scenarios and case studies that will prepare them to tackle various real-world issues with clarity and depth.

Competitive Debating

Competitive Debating is designed to provide the necessary training for school team tryouts and to immediately excel once accepted. With the belief that exposure to debate gives students the ability to articulate their opinions thoughtfully and confidently, Capstone’s Competitive Debating Program teaches core debating skills using the British Parliament (BP) style.

Capstone is the only center in Hong Kong to offer a dedicated British Parliamentary Program. In addition, Capstone students dominate the top speakers list within Hong Kong’s largest debating, Model United Nations, and speaking competitions. Our students have traditionally done very well in speaking-intensive competitions that prize presentation and intelligence.

Academic Enrichment Programs

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Course Schedules

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