Capstone Prep Education Center | G3 – G4
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G3 – G4


Capstone’s G3 – G4 services focus on reinforcing the foundational English skills students have been developing to expand their modes of critical thinking and analysis. With a robust system of writing, thinking, speaking, and presentation activities, students learn to expand their creativity into clear, effective ideas and opinions.


Creative Writing I & II

Creative Writing is designed to reinforce foundational writing skills in young students who struggle to write interesting ideas in an organized and compelling way. This course emphasizes the steps of the writing process while encouraging students to elaborate and expand on their ideas. Students learn vocabulary and grammar to further strengthen their writing technique and style.

Critical English Skills (CES)

Critical English Skills (CES) teaches students the fundamentals of communication and analysis that are essential in their own challenging school curricula. This course aims to improve students’ grammar and fluency while introducing them to a range of cognitive and analytical comprehension skills. Modular lessons in an English-only environment reinforces a strong understanding of English conventions. Students’ fundamental English reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking abilities will improve through systematic approaches to structure, grammar, conversation, and writing.

Logic, Analysis, & Speech

Logic, Analysis, & Speech teaches students the skills they need in order to be critical thinkers and captivating presenters. This course exposes students to challenging but interesting topics while giving them the tools to discuss these topics in a mature and insightful manner. Students will be pushed to reflect on their opinions while organizing their thoughts before sharing. Though participation, discussion, and presentation, students will gain the ability to form strong arguments and generate their own analyses.

Academic Enrichment Programs

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Course Schedules

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