Capstone Prep Education Center | G10 – G12
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G10 – G12


Preparing for admissions, creating tomorrow’s leaders.

Capstone’s G10 – G12 services prepare students for the academic rigor and discussion-driven learning environment characteristic of upper secondary school and the first years of university. With enrichment, test prep, and other admissions services, Capstone prepares students for the beginning of their academic careers.


Writing, Discussion, and Thinking

Writing, Discussion, & Thinking (WDT) is designed to prepare students for both the academic rigor and discussion-driven learning environment of upper secondary school and university. WDT draws on elements from Capstone’s Academic Writing and Scholars courses to provide high school students with a comprehensive educational experience. Writing assignments contain heavy elements of independent research and demand initiative and an inquisitive approach. Students will revise and workshop their essays with both their teacher and their peers, and in doing so, will develop good habits of drafting and editing that are vital to success at university and beyond. Throughout the course, students will be expected and encouraged to raise questions, challenge opinions, as well as lead discussions of their own. All of this will be set within a lively, academic setting where students will engage intellectually with a wide range of carefully selected and challenging materials from the humanities and social sciences, including philosophy, ethics, and politics.


With small classes designed to target specific skills and address weaknesses, Capstone’s test prep services are customized for each individual student to maximize results. With offerings for SSAT, SAT, ACT, IB, AP, and more, Capstone builds students for admissions success.

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US and UK Boarding Schools and Universities

Admissions Consulting at Capstone incorporates a robust set of services to ensure that students are academically competitive and prepared for applications to schools at the secondary and tertiary levels. From profile evaluations and school list advising to essay and test work, Capstone creates a system to address application weaknesses while simultaneously supporting application strengths.  For more information, see our admissions consulting page or contact us.

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CAPSTONE's Ivy League Acceptance Rate
Average Ivy League Acceptance Rate

Top 15 UK Boarding School Offers

100% of UK boarding school offers were to the top 15


Top 5 UK University Acceptance Rate

85% of applicants were offered a place in a top 5 UK university

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