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04 Sep 1. What is Capstone? How long has Capstone been established?

Founded in 2003, Capstone is one of Asia's leading education firms. We focus on providing ambitious and high performing students with a solid foundation in writing, debating, critical thinking, and problem solving. We also offer admissions consulting services for students targeting top private schools, boarding...

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04 Sep 2. What is Capstone’s mission and teaching philosophy?

We believe our role is to teach students to solve life’s challenges confidently and succeed in the future while being mindful of their short-term academic needs.   To do this, our curricula focus on helping students obtain (1) a strong advanced English base, (2) mastery of critical...

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04 Sep 5. What programs or services does Capstone offer? What age groups are appropriate for those offerings?

Capstone offers preparation in four interconnected areas:   (1) Advanced English Programs: Reading, Writing, Public Speaking and Debate programs for students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 (2) Thinking and Problem Solving Programs: Research, Analysis, & Problem Solving (RAPS), Scholars, and Writing, Discussion, & Thinking (WDT) for students...

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