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04 Sep 1. How does Capstone apply critical thinking to its programs?

We engage our students with some of today’s most interesting and challenging issues. Student gradually learn to speak, write, and debate about heated issues from balanced, nuanced perspectives. With an active awareness of both significant historical contexts and current world affairs, our students understand how...

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04 Sep 3. What does a typical Capstone class look like?

Capstone prioritizes interactive classrooms and discussion-based learning, and allows each student to participate and contribute in a small class-size setting. In our classes, students are challenged to take a stance, defend their opinions or present their work, lead and contribute to discussions, and present with...

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04 Sep 4. How do I know where to place my child in the program?

Capstone has a custom-created assessment that measures a student’s reading, writing, speaking, and logical thinking ability. We welcome students to come in for this assessment test, which is then used for placement.   All new students across all Capstone offices are required to take this assessment before...

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04 Sep 7. Can my child join your classes anytime?

Capstone understands the need for scheduling flexibility. Therefore, we offer a variety of entry periods for our courses. Students may join an enrichment course according to their assessment results, subject to course availability.   Different sections of the same classes are offered in the afternoon on weekdays...

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