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04 Sep 1. What admissions consulting services does Capstone provide?

Capstone offers strategic, personalized admissions planning for students applying to top US and UK boarding schools and universities. Taking a holistic approach, we work with individual students to develop their own unique application strategy, achieve competitive academic records, and build strong personal narratives and student...

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04 Sep 2. What are the benefits of working with a consulting team for boarding school and university admissions?

Working with a professional consulting team ensures that students gain the competitive advantage by having access to comprehensive resources and support throughout the application process, which can be difficult for parents and students to navigate by themselves.   Capstone’s consulting team helps parents and students address questions...

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04 Sep 3. Why are Capstone consulting services more successful?

We believe in a hands-on and individualized approach to admissions consulting services. We make sure to understand our clients on a personal level in order to best present both their past achievements and future potentials to the schools. Our tried-and-tested approach has led to many...

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04 Sep 4. What is the procedure for Capstone consulting services?

Our comprehensive admissions consulting services begin with a profile assessment, in which our Lead Consultants provide an overview of the client’s immediate status and range, as well as some urgent areas that must be immediately addressed. Then, after engagement, each student is presented with a...

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04 Sep 7. How do I get started?

For ongoing academic development, contact us to schedule an assessment for your child. Afterwards, please meet with our staff to interpret that performance. A development plan and the relevant courses will be provided based on our instructors’ recommendations.   For admissions consulting support, contact and ask...

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