Capstone Prep Education | ABC 2021
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We are proud to launch the Asian qualifying round for the Oxford Schools Finals’ Day 2021!
我们很荣幸地在此宣布,Capstone即将举办 Oxford Schools Finals’ Day 2021亚洲区预选赛!


In partnership with the Oxford Union, Capstone will be hosting the Oxford ABC 2021 and the top four teams at this competition will earn an exclusive invitation to compete at the Oxford Schools Finals’ Day on March 13 2021. 
Capstone将与The Oxford Union 合作主办今年的Oxford ABC 2021,本次比赛排名前四的队伍将获得独家邀请,参加于2021年3月13日举办的Oxford Schools Finals’ Day 决赛


The following are the details of the competition 比赛详情如下:

Dates 日期:March 6-7, 2021


Registration Fees 费用:
HKD120/person for seeded teams 种子队/每位
HKD320/person for non-seeded teams 非种子队/每位


Format 形式: British Parliamentary (5 minutes’ speeches)


Eligibility 参赛要求:
Oxford ABC is an open competition, but team members must be from the same school to receive an invitation to compete in the Oxford Schools Finals’ Day.
Oxford ABC是一项公开比赛,但同组辩手必须来自同一所学校才能参加Oxford Schools Finals’ Day。

Students must be currently enrolled in secondary school, i.e. Grade 7-12.

Only schools in Asia are eligible to compete in this regional round.


Time Zone 时区:GMT/UTC +8


Platform 平台: Zoom & Discord


Competition Structure 比赛结构:

Top debaters can apply to qualify as a seeded team. Seeded teams automatically proceed to the final four qualifying rounds on Day 2.


Debaters who do not meet the requirements of a seeded team, can apply to compete on Day 1. The top performing teams after four preliminary rounds will qualify to compete against seeded teams on Day 2.


Top teams eligible for the U14 category will compete in the U14 Finals on Day 2.


The top four teams with the highest points and total speaker scores on Day 2 will earn a team spot to compete in the Oxford Schools Finals’ Day on March 13.
第二天比赛总分最高的四支队伍将有资格参加3月13日Oxford Schools Finals’ Day总决赛。


Teams that are fully composed of speakers who have met the following requirements may apply to become a seeded team.

  • National team members for WSDC
  • Champions, finalists or semifinalists of an international high school competition, such as Asia Schools Open
    国际高中辩论比赛(例如 Asia Schools Opens)的冠军,决赛选手或半决赛选手
  • Champions or finalists of a national high school competition, such as the national school championships of your respective countries


We also strongly encourage schools and debate institutions to send their top school teams as seeded teams by completing the registration form.


Our registration process is now open, and you can register at or scan the below QR code. The registration form will close on the 23rd of February.
本次报名现已开放,您可以通过 或扫描以下二维码注册报名。报名将于2月23日截止


For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at We look forward to seeing all of you!
如有其他查询,请发送邮件至 abc@capstoneprep.com与我们联系。期待与大家见面!