Capstone Prep Education Center | 2024 Easter Intensive Program
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2024 Easter Intensive Program

We’re pleased to announce that we will soon be commencing our 2024 Easter Intensive Program!

Please contact us for any questions or inquiries about our course offerings.


Capstone’s 2024 Easter Intensive program schedule is now available as PDFs to download.

G1-6 Easter Program G7-12 Easter Program

Course Dates:

Week 1: Mar 25, 26, 27, 28, 2024

Week 2: Apr 2, 3, 4, 5, 2024

Special Offer


Students who enroll and pay on or before Mar 2, 2024 will receive a $300 discount.

Sibling Discount $300

Siblings who enrolls in the Easter Intensive Program concurrently will receive a maximum up to $300 discount from the course enrolled for a family.

Multi-Course Discount

Multi-Course discount for second course or above will receive a $300 discount on their tuition and course fees. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discount offers and with any deductions.

Refer a friend discount is also available

Terms and conditions apply. Check out our schedule for more details about our special offers.

Primary Novel Study (Grades 1-2)

This Easter, students will read Snot Stew by Bill Wallace. By applying their critical thinking skills and practising close-reading, students will explore different aspects of a piece of narrative writing, from the setting, to the characters, to the plot. Their reading comprehension skills will be put to the test as they become experts in a book in just a few days. By the end of the course, students will have completed a book report about the story.

G1-2 Novel Study: Reading Narrative Elements

Primary Writing and Grammar (Grades 3-4)
This writing and grammar course focuses on the application of grammar so students can see the purpose and difference in writing with correct grammar. The course centres around modal verbs and conditional types 0 to 4, in which students will learn, practice and apply them. Extreme weather is the theme to enable students to apply the taught grammar skills in writing letters, plans, and suggestions.
G3-4 Writing & Grammar: Write the Right Way

Primary Reading and Vocab (Grades 5-6)
This Easter, students will deepen their lexical abilities by examining works about important, but often overlooked, heroes in history. Each class, students will elevate their reading comprehension abilities by learning to analyze what they read with precision and rigor. Additionally, students will hone their verbal reasoning skills, and will dissect the meaning of texts by making logical and textual inferences – all of which will help them to grow into active and hands-on readers!

G5-6: Reading & Vocab: Overlooked Heroes

Primary Aspiring Writers (Grades 5-6)
In this course, students will improve their critical reading and writing skills by looking at the ways people throughout history have envisioned the beginning of the world. Students will have the opportunity to read a variety of origin myths from five different continents and compare and contrast the ways vastly different cultures have considered this one topic. In addition to learning about this significant cultural history, students will also analyse these myths based on their story structure and use of symbolism and personification. Throughout the course, students will be working on applying these ideas to an origin story of their own creation, which they will complete by the end of the course.

G5-6 In the Beginning: Writing and Analyzing Origin Myths

Primary Critical Thinking
The Critical Thinking Intensive Course is designed to develop students’ critical thinking, research, analyzing and problem-solving skills. Throughout the course, students are exposed to real-world issues and will learn and practice the skills to evaluate, process and articulate complex ideas.

G1-2 Research and Present: Homes for the World

G3-4 Critical Thinking: My Rights! Your Rights!

Public Speaking and Debate
Public speaking and debate are fast becoming necessary skills in a world where people compete to prove that their ideas are the best. Whether it’s for the classroom or the courtroom, individuals are expected to present themselves in a confident and persuasive manner. Throughout this course, students will be taught methods and techniques to develop and present arguments that are strong, logical, and thorough to make for a compelling listen.
G3-4 PSD I: Pokemon Whoa! Intergenerational Cultural Debates

G5-6 PSD I: It’s Not Personal: Defending the “Bad Guys”

G5-6 PSD II: Reel Life vs Real Life: Debating Pop Culture

Secondary Writing

At the Secondary level, students must grapple with increasingly more complex writing conventions as well as more challenging subject matter. To that end, our intensive writing courses are designed to develop critical reading and writing skills within four main genres: persuasive, informational, descriptive, and fiction. As within our Primary programs, the courses continue to emphasise the importance of the writing process – brainstorming, outlining, writing, and editing – in order to cultivate independent student writers.

G7-9 Beyond Dictionaries: Skills for Learning and Using New Vocabulary

G7-9 Critique and Analyze: Mastering Persuasive Techniques

G9+ Decoding Literature: Effective Analytical Writing and Presentation

Secondary Critical Thinking
At the Secondary level, our critical thinking programs seek to both build students’ confidence with their presentations as well as to encourage them to probe their own opinions and the opinions of others. This winter, we are providing a range of offerings for students who would like to focus on either the critical thinking or speaking facets of our FAST and RRAPS programs.

G7-9 Mysterious Memory: Decoding How We Understand the Past

G7-9 War - What Is It Good For? Challenges of Justice, Conflict & Peace

Public Speaking and Debate
Within the Secondary program for Public Speaking and Debate, we provide intensive courses catered to both newcomers as well as seasoned competitive debaters. At the introductory level, classes focus on equipping students with the necessary skills for different speaking environments and cultivating the fundamental abilities required for effective debating. At the intermediate level, classes focus on upgrading the fundamentals to a higher level so that students are prepared for more competitive settings. For more advanced students, classes are designed to introduce a higher degree of complexity and nuance to their arguments. These individuals are encouraged to delve deeper into current and global affairs, so they may cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around them. Instructors will closely collaborate with students to develop an engaging and impactful presentation style, while also offering constructive feedback on every speech.

G7-9 PSD I - The Game is On: Debating Sports

G7-12 PSD II - Behind the Screen: Debating the Media

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G1-6 Easter Program G7-12 Easter Program

For questions and inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.