Capstone Prep Education Center | 2017 Summer Intensive Program Enrollment Now Open
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04 May 2017 Summer Intensive Program Enrollment Now Open

As the Summer holiday approaches, we would like to announce our Summer Intensive Program is now open for enrollment. The program offers a wide range of enrichment courses specially designed to provide students with challenging, interesting content that will expand and develop their critical thinking and communication skills, and help them maintain their academic excellence over the holiday break.

Besides, we are pleased to introduce our Admissions Program in this Summer, which offers three different programs customized to suit students of different age groups:

  • Reading and Writing for School Entrance Exams G4-5
  • Interview Coaching G5-6, G7-9, G10+
  • Introduction to Personal Statement G10+

For flexibility during your holidays, we are offering three start dates over the course of the summer.

For more details, see our Primary Summer Intensive Program schedule, Secondary Summer Intensive Program schedule and Summer Admissions Program schedule. For more information, or to enroll in a course, contact us directly at +852 2893 6060.

Primary Course Offerings

  • Writing Program
    • Beginning Writers
    • Developing Writers
    • Academic Writing
  • Research and Present
  • Logic, Analysis, and Speech
  • Emerging Readers
  • Scholars
  • Competitive Debating
  • Critical English Skills

Secondary Course Offerings

  • Academic Writing I & II
    • Introduction to Writing Genres
    • Exploring Topics in Contemporary Culture
    • Advanced Persuasive Rhetoric
    • Pop Culture, Writing and Research
    • Advocacy and Persuasion
  • Scholars I & II
    • Fundamentals of Persuasion & Critical Thinking
    • Asia in the 21st Century
    • Turbulence on the World Stage
    • Ethics in the Information Age
    • Politics, Sustainability & Rhetoric
  • Public Speaking
  • Competitive Debating
  • Writing, Discussion & Thinking